I'm never clever at this kind of thing.....
Or am I.....?
Just a Thought

You ever wonder if you had met someone before their douchebag bf/gf, you could of done something? Or that person who influenced them to hate life, trust no one, or generally not care about life, could you have saved them?

At the same time, that implies people can be manipulated easily enough. So does that mean the person was just a victim of a chance meeting or… those feelings and traits they showewd after they met those people were already there? Always a question I have.

Quite a few people, friends and lovers alike, I wish I could of been there for their life changing moments. Maybe helped to guide them and help them through those things that just seemed to twist their perception on reality, relationships, and friendships. Then again, that’s also me being VERY naive and thinking my presence alone could of done some good. I always want to see the best in people, but maybe what I see was never really there. I’m starting to understand that sometimes, the best I see is what I wish was there.

A few people in particular I wish could still be here with us today. Fate and circumstances themselves had other plans. Could I have done more? Was there ever anything I could do?

Something to think about when you are trying to help others and find yourself failing more often than not. Its not always your fault. Some people can be saved, others dont want to be saved, and more still never needed saving. They are who they are.

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