I'm never clever at this kind of thing.....
Or am I.....?
A Tiny Update

Things are going well enough. No new job, but plenty of odd ones to keep things afloat. Going to have to hold off anyways, as my lil bro is going to need to be taken cared of more often. Nothing serious, my parents schedules just dont allow them time to pick him up from school. I just gotta watch n all. Fun fun.

As for my lovely gf; she is working, able to pay bills, selling her art work, and still searching for her gf. That last one will take time, as she has been betrayed and thrown aside numerous times (who hasn’t been in a relationship, right? Count your blessings if you never were ^_^). She is optimistic that one day someone will love her and me and together we’ll all be happy.

Sexually, things have been going smoothly. We’ve been with people here and there (always safe and clean. We love sex and sharing ourselves, but that doesn’t mean you throw your junk at anyone!). We’re calm, cool, collected, stable, fun, relaxing, kind, loving, caring, horny, giving, lusty, experienced, skilled, generous…. So finding someone will happen. It’ll just take time to find other’s like us. All the people we’ve EVER been with have used some bs excuses to avoid the commitment. Some saying they have no time (a single text a day is more than enough for us and seeing one another at least once a month is fine. Even if it didnt involve sex, seeing the ones you love is great!). Another lame reason is that they aren’t emotionally ready (yet those same people are having sex with others. So yeah, bull shit). One more is that they usually want either just myself or my gf (thus doing all they can to exclude the other. We’re not idiots and nothing anyone could ever do would tear us apart. That’s another thing that makes us so stable and a great couple to be with).

Any baggage brought to the relationship is usually the other people we are with. My gf n I have nothing to ever argue about, since we’re mostly on the same page and dont have major hang ups. Just silly things to argue about like who is hotter in a show and why we think the other’s show/movie sucks (lol). We dont mind the baggage though. If we like you, it’s for a reason. We would want to share in your life, love, and tribulations. Even more so if we find outselves falling in love together. I wonder when our luck with finding the right people will change. Same could be said by anyone looking for a relationship of course ^_^.

Also, anyone interested in us or think you may want to get to know us more, message me directly. We’re more than happy to talk and discuss things. (Especially if you happen to be near and we could all meet. The more friends with the same thoughts and ideals, the better right?)

I guess the update wasn’t so tiny huh? Aw well! I’ll go more in depth later on other things.


Sorry to bombard everyone with so many pics of Damon from Vampire Diaries. My baby was having a super shitty ass day and I knew just the way to make her feel better. I love you baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Because My Baby Will Love This….

In our search for a gf, this is how my baby feels about being back stabbed again and again by the women in her life…..

And With That…

I end my night of giving my goth/alt/punk/rocker women some attention. Love the style and sexiness of it all. Now to try to go to bed and not strip my gf, awakening her with me between her legs and eating her out….

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